Creativity, Unleashed

We’re Matthew and Carla Mangone, the local owners of Pet Wants Chantilly, and we live in Oak Hill with our three children, Nick, Peter and Caroline. Our journey to Pet Wants started with our rescue dog, Alli. We have children with food allergies, so we’re always reading ingredient labels, and, when we adopted Alli, we started doing the same with her food and treats too.

We had no idea that the ingredients in mass-produced pet foods were so complicated or that the food could sit so long (sometimes more than a year) before you bought it. When we saw the ingredients in Pet Wants’ products – like the salmon treats that only include salmon – and we saw the immediate impact the food had on Alli’s fur and energy levels, we knew we wanted to open our own Pet Wants. 

Since opening in November 2019 our family has grown by 8 more paws, adding in Pepper and Tavi and many many fosters along the way! Our girls are a big part of our lives – members of our family – and we want to make sure they live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. That starts with making sure they are getting the nutrition they need and, with Pet Wants, there’s no question. We’re looking forward to meeting other pet families and helping them find the best products for their individual pets.

Who Says An Old Dog Can’t Learn New Tricks

We’re not stopping there! Just as we have achieved in pet nutrition, we endeavor to continue providing a higher quality of life for your pet in pet services. Now, at the Pet Wants Chantilly Store, located in Oak Hill, Virginia, we begin our pet services line-up by offering a full grooming and pet spa experience.  Each visit is customized to your pet’s specific needs and includes the same elevated standards and consultative approach you’ve come to know and love in Pet Wants’ foods.